Womens' spring reset

Reset and get ready for spring with this gentle 28 day group program hosted and created by Naturopathic Doctor Stephanie Berg. 

What you can expect:

  • Whole foods, anti-inflammatory diet plan to balance hormones & blood sugar, optimize weight, reduce inflammation, and increase nutrient absorption for energy and overall health
  • Detox guide with time-honored naturopathic practices for detoxification (ex: castor oil packs, supplement recommendations),
  • Private Facebook Group only for members of the Reset,
  • Four 40-minute Zoom Calls, one each week of the program (dates/times TBD) during cleanse for increased accountability, group energy and to get your questions answered (link to recording will be sent to all participants in case you can’t join),
  • Instructions on how to do a food reintroduction to determine potential food sensitivities⁣
  • Seed cycling (wonderful naturopathic practice using different seeds to support different hormones at various times of the menstrual cycle),
  • Liver-loving plan,
  • Lifestyle recommendations including Personal Care Products detox complete with handouts to guide you through the process,
  • Hormone quizzes,
  • Access to therapeutic-grade supplements through Fullscript at 15% discount during the Program
$200 per person
Join the reset!