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dr. stephanie berg, nd, jd

Hi! My name is Dr. Stephanie Berg, and I'm so glad that you have found Naturopathic Ways!  The mission of Naturopathic Ways is to help you find non-toxic products for your daily life all in one place. Instead of having to search for the safest products, my goal is to save you the time and compile all of them in one place based on my years of research and study of naturopathic and environmental medicine.


I'm a California-licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Attorney and Certified Nutrition Specialist - so I use my years of education and experience to bring you the best out there!  My particular passions relate to environmental medicine, the impacts of toxins in our daily lives on our health and protecting future generations. My goal is to provide you with a resource to find brands selling the safest, nontoxic products available!